Litemove´s e-bike lights are „green“

Litemove, the manufacturer of innovative high-tech bicycle lights, has gone „green“ with its latest products.

Litemove illuminates the industry with award-winning technologies since 2019.

Founded in 2019, the company uses its expertise in optics, electronics and mechanical engineering to develop award-winning bicycle headlights. Litemove won the Taipei Cycle Gold d&i Award in 2020 and 2021, the Design and Innovation Award in 2022 and the German Design Award in 2023 in the category excellent product.

Litemove has focused on environmentally friendly production from the very beginning. „Green products are about two things: avoiding waste and maximising resource efficiency,“ says Ning Hsin Wei, General Manager of Litemove. „To achieve this, we have shifted to toxic-free materials and environmentally friendly production processes.“ Litemove’s cables have been manufactured with TPU instead of PVC since 2023. Not only does TPU not have the toxicity of PVC, it is also very flexible and abrasion-resistant. And best of all, it is 100% recyclable. Another important part of the sustainability equation is packaging, and Litemove has used environmentally friendly, plastic-free packaging for its products from the beginning.

Improving product design is always aimed at improving the user experience and technical quality, while reducing waste in production is also a high priority for the company. To reduce the amount of material that cannot be recycled after production, Litemove produces high beam switches that have water resistant connectors. Switching to these products improves the possibility of easier servicing and repairs.

Wei mentions the Circular Economy Action Plan, which is part of the European Union’s Green Deal initiativeand aims to promote a circular economy with longer product lifetimes, easier repairs and recycling. She says that „making sustainable products is in our DNA – not only are our lights powerful and easy to repair, but we ensure a long lifespan through reliability testing.“

Litemove’s factory

is certified to IAIF-16949, ISO-14001 and ISO-9001 management systems. This guarantees higher productivity, reduces unnecessary costs and ensures the quality of processes and products.